Atena Daemi and Mr. Seraj Mirdamadi and requested to “strike out” the UNSR’s communications vis-à-vis these cases.6 While the Government stated that Ms. Daemi had access to medical care, there is no mention of Mr. Mirdamadi’s health situation. As of February 2021, Ms. Daemi remains in prison and Mr. Seraj Mirdamadi has been released and has left Iran. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has not responded to all of the UNSR’s communications, that were sent in 2015, that concerned ill-treatment in detention. For communications the Government responded to, replies were incomplete and did not address all issues raised by the UNSR. Recommendation Status: This recommendation has been PARTIALLY implemented. 6 Reply of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the communication IRN 9/2015 2

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