- - - There is no readily available information as to the conclusion of the case of Mr. Rasoul Holoumi.17 Latest available report suggests that Mr. Holoumi is waiting for the re-trial of his case since 2016.18 Mr. Saman Naseem was the subject of a first Special Procedures’ urgent appeal in October 20141920 and a second in February 2015.21 22 Mr. Naseem was reportedly released on bail in 2018.23 Mr. Soheil Arabi’s death sentence24 was reportedly commuted to 7 and a half years in prison in July 2015.25 Three years were added to his sentence in 2018.26 Of the 37 individuals the Special Procedures urged the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to prevent the executions of, at least 33 were executed. Recommendation Status: This recommendation has NOT been implemented. 17 Communication IRN 15/2014, https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/TMResultsBase/DownLoadPublicCommunicationFile?gId=19157 18 Aftabir News https://www.aftabir.com/news/article/view/2016/01/19/1111386 19 Communication IRN 23/2014, https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/TMResultsBase/DownLoadPublicCommunicationFile?gId=16316 20 Reply of the Government Islamic Republic of Iran to the Special Procedures’ communication IRN 23/2014 https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/TMResultsBase/DownLoadFile?gId=32252 21 Communication IRN 3/2015 https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/TMResultsBase/DownLoadPublicCommunicationFile?gId=19795 22 Replies of the Government Islamic Republic of Iran to the Special Procedures’ communication IRN 3/201 https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/TMResultsBase/DownLoadFile?gId=32524 and https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/TMResultsBase/DownLoadFile?gId=32525 23 https://www.en-hrana.org/former-death-row-juvenile-offender-saman-naseem-released-on-bail 24 Communication IRN 29/2014, https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/TMResultsBase/DownLoadPublicCommunicationFile?gId=22446 25 https://newhumanist.org.uk/articles/5606/thousands-were-released-in-iran-but-not-atheist-prisoner-soheil-arabi 26 https://www.iranhumanrights.org/2018/10/man-serving-seven-years-in-an-iranian-prison-for-his-facebook-posts-slapped-withan-additional-three/ 2

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