Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran A/70/411 para 102 Full recommendation: Continues to encourage the Government to increase its engagement with the United Nations human rights mechanisms, including his mandate, in order to establish meaningful dialogue and cooperation in furtherance of the pledges undertaken by President Rouhani’s administration, and for the successful advancement of recommendations made in the universal periodic review that enjoyed the support of the Government in 2015. Assessment The Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran has not been invited to visit the country since the creation of the mandate. In terms of engagement with the United Nations human rights instruments, the Islamic Republic of Iran has sent replies to 130 out of 242 communications on specific cases of Human Rights Violations between December 1st 2010 and November 11th 2020.1 While this shows some engagement from the government, the content of the communications and subsequent government replies is important to take into consideration in order to provide an accurate assessment. It is not possible to know for certain the veracity of the content of the replies to most of the communications the Islamic Republic of Iran receives. Recommendation Status: This recommendation has been PARTIALLY implemented. 1 Forma&ed: Posi&on: Horizontal: Right, Rela&ve to: Margin, Ver&cal: 0", Rela&ve to: Paragraph, Wrap Around https://spcommreports.ohchr.org/Tmsearch/TMDocuments 1

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