Investigations led to the trial and reported conviction of one FATA police agent for “assault and
harassment” under Article 578 of the Islamic Penal Code (2013). The trial was held in camera and the
plaintiffs were prohibited from attending.10 The verdict was upheld in appeal.
Reportedly, a number of witnesses who testified for the case of Mr. Beheshti were later subjected to
judicial and police harassment.11 The family of Mr. Beheshti, who filed a complaint in objection to the
conclusion of the investigation and subsequent trial, was also reportedly subjected to harassment.12
Reportedly, Mr. Beheshti’s mother was pressured into withdrawing her complaint. Similar pressure was
reported when Mr. Beheshti’s father lodged a complaint and the Iranian police allegedly attempted to
argue that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s.13
While the Iranian Government and Judiciary launched an investigation, and ultimately convicted a FATA
police officer, Mr. Beheshti’s cause of death remains undetermined. Although the commander of the FATA
has been dismissed from his position, there is no readily available information that might indicate that he has
been held accountable for his role in Mr. Beheshti’s death. Additionally, although violations of due process
were reported by the Parliament’s investigation, there has been no further information provided on the roles
played by the police or how the Iranian judicial system enabled, directly or indirectly, the death of Mr.
Beheshti. Ultimately, there is very little information that might indicate that a thorough, prompt, and
impartial criminal investigation has been conducted into the death of Mr. Beheshti or that those responsible
have been held accountable. Further, the harassment of witnesses and Mr. Beheshti’s family suggests an
unwillingness from Iranian authorities to shed further light on the case.

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