Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences E/CN.4/2006/61/Add.3 para 73(k) Full Recommendation: In order to enhance women’s access to justice through a transparent legal and judiciary reform it is recommended that the Government: Review all cases of women currently being detained for crimes related to sexual and moral conduct who did not have a fair trial or enjoy guarantees of due process with a view to retrying the case or releasing the accused woman. Assessment using Impact Iran human rights indicators1 Given that the Iranian authorities have not released statistics and information on the types of cases discussed in this recommendation, and that Iranian law still considers many beliefs and lifestyles to be "immoral" and criminal, on issues such as hijab2, relations between unmarried women and men, and some social relations (such as mixed gender parties) 3, and given that there have been no changes to the status of these laws, it can be said that this recommendation has not been implemented at all. Recommendation Status: This recommendation has NOT been implemented. 1 CCPR.9.1.S.1; CCPR.9.1.S.2; CCPR.15.1.S.1; CCPR.9.1.P.4; CCPR.9.1.P.2; CCPR.9.1.O.2 Article 638 of the fifth book of the IPC. 3 Articles 637 to 647 of the fifth book of the IPC. 2 1

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