Following appeal, The Supreme Court overturned the death sentence. The case was then sent to another court of first instance for reconsideration. Upon review, this court re-issued the death sentence with no further evidence provided.8 Human rights organizations have reported that the judicial proceedings of Mr. Alkhani’s case were in violation of international standards of fair trial. According to Mr. Alkhani’s lawyer (who entered the case during the Supreme Court stage), there was insufficient evidence to issue a death sentence in the case.9 While family members and Mr. Alkhani’s lawyer awaited re-examination by the Supreme Court, of the death sentence issued by the reviewing court, Mr. Alkhani’s death sentence was performed.10 The Iranian authorities did not provide any report indicating the allegations of torture in detention or the lack of evidence presented during trials were independently investigated.11 Alleged violations of procedural safeguards in the proceedings were not investigated or confirmed by Iranian authorities; however, NGO reports indicate that such violations did occur. The Islamic Republic of Iran executed Mr. Behrooz Alkhani Aghbarzeh (Mr. Behrouz Alakhani), despite these reports and did not take any steps to address the alleged violations of fair trial. Recommendation Status: This recommendation has NOT been implemented. 8 Radio Zamaneh: < > Radio Zamaneh: < > 10 Amnesty International: < > 11 Iran’s response to UN allegation letter regarding this case: < > 9 2

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