international law standards. However, several NGOs reported that Mr. Rezaian’s trial proceedings were in violation of international standards.5 6 7 He was released in January 2016 as part of a prisoner swap process between the U.S. and Iranian Governments.8 In addition to Mr. Jason Rezaian, Ms. Yaganeh Salehi, two unknown journalists were also detained on 22 July 2014.9 There is no readily available information that might indicate that proceedings for the cases of the unknown journalists complied with international standards. However, with the absence of further clarification from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, information indicates that the proceedings for the cases of Mr. Arzhang Davoodi, Mr. Jason Rezaian and Ms. Yeganeh Salehi have not complied with international standards. If the proceedings against these individuals did not comply with international standards, there is reason to believe proceedings concerning the two other unnamed journalists have also not complied with international standards. Recommendation Status: This recommendation has NOT been implemented. 5 Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, 7 The Guardian, 8 The Guardian, 9 Special Procedures Communication IRN 16/2014, 6 2

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