Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran A/66/374 para 77 Full recommendation: The Special Rapporteur also remains concerned about the well-being and health of prisoners, especially those mentioned in the present report, and encourages the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to launch full investigations into those cases. He also requests that he be granted the ability to substantiate accounts raised here through access to both detention centres and those detained. The Special Rapporteur further requests that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran review those cases and furnish the Special Rapporteur with information that would enable him to report progress or developments in those matters to the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council. He also urges the Government to increase its cooperation with the special procedures, as this would create a productive space for further actions to improve the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Assessment using Impact Iran human rights indicators1 A. The Special Rapporteur encourages the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to launch full investigations into cases of endangered well-being and health of prisoners Article 39 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran stipulates that “All affronts to the dignity and repute of persons arrested, detained, imprisoned, or banished in accordance with the law, whatever form they may take, are forbidden and liable to punishment.”2 In Iran, there are two distinct regulations for the management of police detention centres and security detention centres.3 Iran’s Prison Regulations and the Code of Prisons and Detention Facilities Administration specify that all prisoners should have access to medical care, including regular medical check-ups, and that their medical needs should be addressed to the extent possible, unless transfer to treatment centers outside the prison is considered necessary.45 1 CCPR.9.1.S.1; CCPR.9.1.S.2; CCPR.9.1.S.3; CCPR.9.2.S.1; CCPR.9.3.S.2; CCPR.14.1.S.2 CCPR.9.1.P.1; CCPR.9.1.P.2; CCPR.9.1.P.5; CCPR.9.1.P.6; CCPR.9.2.P.1; CCPR.9.3.P.1 CCPR.9.1.O.1; CCPR.9.2.O.1; CCPR.9.2.O.4; CCPR.14.1.O.8 ; CCPR.9.1.O.1 2 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, English Translation, Iran Data Portal, https://irandataportal.syr.edu/wpcontent/uploads/constitution-english-1368.pdf 3 Dastour.ir <http://www.dastour.ir/brows/?lid=224404 >; <http://www.dastour.ir/brows/?lid=224414 > 4 See more: Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, https://iranhrdc.org/rights-disregarded-prisons-in-the-islamic-republic-ofiran/ 5 See more: Amnesty International, https://www.amnesty.org/download/Documents/MDE1341962016ENGLISH.PDF 1

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