OHCHR4 5 and NGOs6 recently reported acts of retaliation against those who seek justice and
truth for enforced disappearances that happened in the 1980s in Iran, notably relating to the
summary executions which occurred in 1988.7 For instance, the children of Ms. Rahemipour,
who campaign to learn the truth about the whereabouts of her brother and niece, have reportedly
been arrested following her last arrest in December 2019.8
There is no domestic possibility for the victims’ relatives to access justice, truth and reparation
with regards to enforced disappearances, notably those which occurred in the 1980s in the
Islamic Republic of Iran.

Recommendation Status:
This recommendation has NOT been implemented.


Report of the Special Rapporteur of the Islamic Republic of Iran, March 2018, https://documents-ddsny.un.org/doc/UNDOC/GEN/G18/060/60/PDF/G1806060.pdf?OpenElement
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See more : Amnesty International, https://www.amnesty.lu/wp-content/uploads/webmigrationfiles/IRAN_BLOODSOAKED_1988_2018_EN.PDF
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