the country”,7 acts considered propaganda8, or conspiracy against the state (which has been
interpreted to include peaceful protests)9 are criminalised. Encouragement to “violate public
morals”10 and satire are also penalized. 11 Similar vaguely worded provisions punish acts such as
swearing at12 or insulting13 “the Great Prophet of Islam” and “sowing corruption on earth” 14 with
the death penalty.
These restrictions grant authorities significant discretion to impose overbroad and vague
restrictions in individuals’ rights in violation of international human rights obligations.
Legislation allowing the violation of rights associated with peaceful assembly fails to meet
requirements of international standards and Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and
Political Rights.
The authorities frequently resort to these provisions in order to intimidate, arrest and
prosecute individuals who peacefully exercise their rights to freedom of expression, association
and assembly. 15 16 17 18 NGOs have reported a pattern of violations to the aforementioned human
rights targeting disproportionately members of minority or marginalised groups.19 20
Authorities have continued to respond to protests with excessive and unlawful force. Antigovernment protests that erupted in late December 2017 were met with a heavy-handed response
by state forces resulting in at least 21 deaths and hundreds of arrests.21 In November 2019,
authorities violently repressed protests across the country.22 23 The death toll ranges from verified

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