acts of human smuggling, as well as of human trafficking, such as organ trafficking.
Additionally, it does not solve the problem of the absence of an independent mechanism that is
able to monitor acts of human trafficking and receive complaints from victims in the Islamic
Republic of Iran.
There are no national procedures or measures to proactively identify victims of trafficking in the
Islamic Republic of Iran. Additionally, while the State Welfare Organisation of the Islamic Republic
of Iran provides some level of protection to victims of abuse, it does not offer specialised protection
services to victims of all forms of trafficking, including shelter and medical, psycho-social, and legal
Women victims of human trafficking, including girls, face serious difficulties accessing justice in the
Islamic Republic of Iran. One of the reasons for this is that a woman’s legal testimony is only given
half the weight of that of a man. Furthermore, women and girls victims of sexual abuse, including
victims of sex trafficking, may face prosecution for act of adultery, which is defined as sexual
relationships outside of marriage under the Islamic Penal Code (2013).
Despite the existence of several means and mechanisms with complaints procedures regarding
the violation of rights, such as the Judge’s Disciplinary Court, the Parliament’s Article 90
Commission and, any appeals court including the Supreme Court, there is little evidence to
suggest that complaints are properly analysed and adjudicated. There is no specific procedure to
report crimes of human trafficking in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Additionally, Iran does not
make comprehensive statistics, with regards to human trafficking, readily available. However,
reports suggest that it occurs, and that women and children are one of the main victims. 6 Articles
published in the Iranian police’s magazine acknowledge this fact.7 There is no readily available
information that might suggest that accountability of the traffickers is ensured and that victims
receive compensation.
There is no readily available information that might indicate that the Islamic Republic of Iran has
taken active steps to combat and prevent the trafficking and sale of persons under 18 years of
age, beyond the review of the law and the judiciary’s guidelines.
Recommendation Status:
This recommendation has NOT been implemented.



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