Concluding observation Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights E/C.12/IRN/CO/2 para 36 Full Recommendation: The Committee requests the State party to submit in a timely manner its third periodic report, prepared in accordance with the revised reporting guidelines of the Committee, adopted in 2008 (E/C.12/2008/2), by 31 May 2018. Assessment Iran has not submitted its third periodic report to the Committee, which was due to be submitted by May 31st, 2018.1 The last state party report of Iran was submitted in 2009 for the second periodic review, it had been due, however, on June 30th, 1995.2 Recommendation Status: This recommendation has NOT been implemented. 1 OHCHR, 2 OHCHR, oJLsC7Ouk8EbT0xhDMgZZUPs9a76hzY8MHb4RwsdpmjCqqkteVWM5SBKs7FXynlMlliYh%2fHDcNv6FV%2f 0FcINoUxlVQF9Zv%2f 1

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