On the contrary, there are still numerous reports of continuing violations of women's rights, including violence against women, indicating the ineffectiveness of government action. Despite this gap in official statistics, some human rights organisations also monitor the issue and collect and record reports from local and national media outlets that report violence against women. According to reports from human rights agencies, in 2018, there were over 16 thousand reports of violence against women only in the city of Tehran, an 8.6% increase from 2017. This number has grown by 4.6% as of July 2019. As maintained by these reports, 30% of these cases are related to domestic violence, of which 50% are related to educational negligence, 30% physical abuse, 15% psychological abuse and 4% are related to sexual abuse of children.7 There is no accurate information that could give some insight on whether female victims of physical, sexual and mental violence are in any way rehabilitated by state institutions. Statistics stemming from state institutions point to a 66% increase in female suicides in a fiveyear period ending in 2017. From March 2017 to March 2018, 4,992 people committed suicide and two thirds of that number corresponds to women.8 Recommendation status: This recommendation has been PARTIALLY implemented. 7 Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRAI) https://www.en-hrana.org/increase-in-domestic-violence-in-tehran-more-than-16thousand-cases-were-filed 8 Statistics of the Forensic Medicine Organization: https://www.lmo.ir/ 2

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