However, NGO reports suggest that the use of restraints inconsistent with international standards is still occurring in the Islamic Republic of Iran.4 5 In its 2019 National Report to the Universal Periodic Review, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran reported that the Citizenship Rights Watch Board carries periodic inspections within prisons and detention centers. According to the Government the body has “received and handled 3,275 complaints and reports, through the complaint system, in relation with civil rights violations. Between 2015 and 2018, a number of 28,504 inspections were carried out to prosecutors' offices, prisons and detention centers.”6 There is no readily available information about the outcome of such inspections. There is no readily available information as to whether custodial officers have been held accountable for the abusive use of restraints on prisoners, inconsistent with Article 39 of the Constitution and with international standards. As of December 2020, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not adopted regulations restricting the use of restraints in accordance with international laws and standards, including regulations ensuring that restraints are never used in a degrading, humiliating or painful manner or as a form of punishment and that they are used only when strictly necessary. Recommendation Status: This recommendation has NOT been implemented. 4 Amnesty International, 5 See more : Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, 6 National Report, UPR 2019, Islamic Republic of Iran, 2

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