old were executed.13 At least 4 were executed in 2020, and at least one of them had been under psychiatric care, suffering from several mental illness. 14 There is no readily official and available information that might suggest the existence of an established and published methodology to conduct medical assessments on the mental development of a child in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Additionally, there is no readily available information as to whether assessments from experts from the Legal Medicine Organization rely exclusively on a scientific, evidence-based assessment as to whether there is total certainty about the mental development of a child offender at the time of the offence. There is no readily available information that indicates that experts from all relevant fields, including the relevant child development, psychology, psychiatry, and social service fields, are solicited to perform such assessments. Recommendation Status: This recommendation has NOT been implemented. 13 14 ECPM Iran Human Rights, https://www.ecpm.org/wp-content/uploads/Rapport-iran-2020-gb-070420-WEB.pdf https://iranhr.net/en/articles/4727 3

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